About Us

What is Code for the Culture?

Code for the Culture is a company that specializes in merging the concepts hip hop, design, and technology. Our online resource focused on displaying the most up to date new and golden age hip hop, art/design, and technology. We showcase topics that range from hip hop knowledge, design inspiration, programing and coding tips, downloads, tutorials and everything in between. Much about Code for the Culture is through our development and design parent company CodeCuz (Learn more about CodeCuz).

Code for the Culture came to life with the idea of creating a one-stop place that could merge the concepts of hip hop, design and technology. At Code for the Culture we strive to be different and bring you the best knowledge and online resources. To learn more about Code for the Culture please enjoy going through what we offer, and if you like what we do, consider becoming a member of Code for the Culture which will allow you to write articles, display your work, and get access to our support service.

Do you need to Contact Us?

At Code for the Culture we love you feedback and insight, whatever you would like to share with us, we are here to listen. Feel free to get in contact with us by dropping us an email on our contact page.